Your creditors bear the cost

of the fees

Our Fees

If your IVA is approved, the fees will be paid from the monthly contributions you pay into the IVA.

Our fees explained

This means that your creditors will bear the costs of the fees. For this reason, the fees which we seek to charge may be varied (with your agreement) by your creditors before the IVA is approved.

All fees and costs are taken from the money that you pay into your Arrangement. We do not charge you directly and you will not be asked to pay anything in addition to the funds that you have agreed to pay as part of your Arrangement. ​

The Nominee’s fee is charged to cover all the work which is done up to the time your proposal is approved. This includes the preparation of your proposal and holding a meeting with your creditors. The fee is normally fixed and must be approved by your creditors.

The Supervisor’s fee is charged to cover the work involved in administering the Arrangement once it has been approved by the creditors. This will normally be a percentage of the amount paid into your Arrangement and this must also be approved by your creditors. ​

There are expenses which are paid for the administration of the Arrangement and include third party items such as registration fees, case management fees, software and maintenance fees, statutory items, insurance bonds and internal costs such as postage and stationery, which the Insolvency Practitioner must pay.  Creditors may request that fees are amended as a condition of them approving the Arrangement, which is quite standard

Key points about our fees

We will explain the fees and expenses we propose to charge and ask you to confirm your agreement to these fees before we charge for any work on your behalf.


Your credit rating

You should also note that your credit rating will typically be affected for up to 6 years after the IVA has been approved. Your ability to obtain further credit may be affected once your IVA has concluded.


Keeping up with payments

During the first few months of the IVA, your payments will be used to pay the Nominee’s fee and the Supervisor’s ongoing fees before any payments are made to your creditors. If the IVA fails, you will remain liable for payment of any outstanding balances to your creditors. Your debts may not have reduced depending on the progress of your IVA.

Key pints about our fees


IVAs do have flexibility so that you may be allowed a small payment break dependant on your circumstances due to unexpected expenses arising or difficulties at work. The Supervisor will always request proof of any changes.



The Nominee and Supervisor will charge expenses incurred in connection with the IVA. These may include items such as postage, photocopying, stationery and telephone costs. In addition, expenses will be payable to third parties on costs such as bonding, software fees, courier fees and registration of the IVA.


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